Life Choices Program

Life Choices Program

The Life Choices Program equips children and youth with critical attitudes and skills to make informed and responsible choices about their lives and futures.

Through a selection of workshops, it unpacks relevant and relatable issues that young people face and empowers them with practical tools to adjust their thinking and behavior.

The program is delivered at schools and via online platforms, and all workshop topics link into the South African Life Orientation curriculum.

Workshop topics are interchangeable and can be packaged to meet specific needs identified by schools and learners.

Workshop topics include:

Addressing trauma
Understanding trauma (linking trauma and violence, categories of trauma)
Trauma responses
Trauma reminders and triggers
Coping strategies and relaxation techniques
Seeking support

Emotional wellbeing
Anger management
Stress management
Dealing with anxiety and depression
Mental health stigma
Glamourizing mental disorders and medication
Grief and bereavement

Defining bullying
Different forms of bullying
How to deal with bullying
Consequences for the bully
Healthy ways to treat others

Decision making
Peer pressure
Toxic relationships
Impact of decisions
Time management

Healthy self-esteem
Digital identity
Family and friendships
Cyber bullying

Substance abuse
Where it starts
Physical effects
Effects & consequences
Dealing with substance abuse

Gender-based violence
What it means to be a healthy man in society

Overcoming challenges

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