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We are passionate about seeing people overcome life's challenges.

About Second Chance Trust

2nd-Chance is a team of experienced next generational counsellors that aims to promote a generation of educated and responsible young people who have the skills and confidence to make a meaningful contribution to society.

Our role is to inspire young adults to see the world from a positive perspective and empower them with skills to make informed and responsible decisions. We believe that every youth has the potential to live a productive and happy life if they have a positive direction to move in and skills to work through challenges. We will always go the extra mile to see just one life change.

We work with young people from all social backgrounds and have a primary interest in vulnerable, resource-poor communities.

In the past 12 years, we have worked with schools and community groups across South Africa and in Australia and Hawaii.

2nd-Chance is a public benefit organisation with Section 18A Tax Exemption Status and Level 1 B-BEE accreditation.

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