Equipping young people with the necessary tools to overcome challenges and reach their full potential.

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Second Chance Trust is a non-profit organisation that inspires youth to lead happy, healthy and productive lives.

We achieve this by creating awareness of social problems that can lead to poor choices and equipping youth with necessary skills that promote healthy decision making.

In parallel, Second Chance provides support that encourages healing in victims of social issues such as rape, HIV, and gangsterism – which are very often associated directly or indirectly with poor decision making.

Since 2012, our programs have touched the lives of over:


Basic Life Choices


Equine Assisted Therapy


World is Your Stage

Our Vision

A world where all young people have the necessary skills and confidence to make choices that lead to happy, healthy and productive lives.

Our Mission

To educate young people on the devastating consequences of poor decision-making and equip them with knowledge and skills to make informed and responsible choices.

Annual Charity Event

The 2019 charity event raised an incredible R 1,770,694 (net) towards Second Chance programs. Huge thanks and appreciation to all of the amazing people and sponsors that supported this spectacular evening.